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1983 - 1998
Strickland, Gregory Eugene

Abney, Keith Alanp. 172M. D.
Adams, Danielle Mariep. 121Dental Hygiene
Ajello, Joseph F.p. 154Chiropractic
Akl, Derece Battlesp. 184Dental Hygiene
Albright, Kimberly G.p. 165Dental Hygiene
Alexander, Eloise Karin p. 68 M. D.
Alexander, Howard Cobb, Jr. p. 61 M. D.
Allen, Cindy Rees p. 41 Dentistry
Allen, Dale Edwin p. 42 Dentistry
Alongi, Kenneth Alan p. 60 Dentistry
Anderson, Karen Jeanp. 162Dental Hygiene
Anderson, Kenneth Davidp. 126Dentistry
Anderson, Sheila K.p. 191Dental Hygiene
Ashman, Michele L.p. 151Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Athas, David Paul p. 3 M. D.
Awoniyi, Wilatra R. p. 6 Dentistry
Baggett, Barbara Ellen p. 10 Dental Hygiene
Bagwell, Tracy Glenn p. 71 Chiropractic
Bailey, James Rodney p. 70 Chiropractic
Bailey, Terri Ann p. 19 Dental Hygiene
Baker, Karen Amandap. 161Dentistry
Baptiste, Donna Mariep. 168Dentistry
Barksdale, Nancy Lynnp. 82M. D.
Barley, Karen E.p. 82Dental Hygiene
Bassett, Rosalyn Pierce p. 66 Dentistry
Bates, Barbara Ann p. 18 Dental Hygiene
Baugher, Cheryl Simpsonp. 137Dental Hygiene
Beall, Nancy C.p. 84Dental Hygiene
Beitel, Brian Allison p. 34 Dentistry
Belchic, Angelia Steelep. 138Dental Hygiene
Bell, Janice Freeman p. 62 Dental Hygiene
Bentley, Kristie F.p. 200Dental Hygiene
Bethune, Cheri Renaep. 184Dental Hygiene
Bishop, Melinda Jacksonp. 160Dentistry
Blevins, Vicki Mercer p. 15 Dental Hygiene
Booker, Melba Jeanettep. 186Dental Hygiene
Booth, John Douglas p. 44 Dentistry
Bowen, Darla Denisep. 77Dental Hygiene
Bowles, Walter Ray p. 28 Dentistry
Boyd, Terersa Lynnp. 198Dental Hygiene
Brady, Tina Gailp. 112Dental Hygiene
Brady, Todd Allanp. 86Chiropractic
Brandon, Dean Corbly p. 49 Dentistry
Brandon, Kara Leep. 176Dental Hygiene
Branham, Jerome Raymond p. 4 Dentistry
Brennan, Diane Lynp. 109Dental Hygiene
Bright, Janice McIntoshp. 169Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Bright, Ronald M.p. 169Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Brooks, Elizabeth B.p. 174Dental Hygiene
Brown, Beth Ann p. 65 Dental Hygiene
Brown, Charles Davidp. 111Chiropractic
Brown, Diane B.p. 77Dental Hygiene
Brundage, Jennifer D. p. 22 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Burroughs, Kelly Morrowp. 106Dental Hygiene
Butler, Richard Mason, Jr.p. 187Dentistry
Cantrell, Tammy Suep. 134Dental Hygiene
Case, Marianne Serr p. 43 Dental Hygiene
Chadha, Sangeetap. 124Dentistry
Chambers, James W. p. 2 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Chambliss, Charlene Renep. 150Dental Hygiene
Christian, Lisa W. p. 20 Dental Hygiene
Christopher, Stephen Lynn p. 16 Dentistry
Churchill, Kathleen Annep. 167Dental Hygiene
Citrano, Samuel Jim, Jr.p. 173Dentistry
Clark, Alvin D.p. 158Dental Hygiene
Clark, Phyllis J. p. 70 Dentistry
Coffee, Christopher L. p. 21 M. D.
Combs, Melindap. 99Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Cooper, Gailp. 104Dental Hygiene
Corbett, Joy Constance p. 62 Dental Hygiene
Corder, Lisa Anne p. 12 Dental Hygiene
Coughlin, Aimee Tedderp. Dental Hygiene
Cox, Melissa Janep. 124Dental Hygiene
Crews, Tina M. p. 52 Dental Hygiene
Crockett, Lisa Elaine p. 14 Dental Hygiene
Cross, Robert Laurance, Jr. p. 50 Dentistry
Cross, Terri Annp. 104Dentistry
Curet, Steven Fabianp. 88Dentistry
Curtis, Gina D.p. 163Dental Hygiene
Curtis, Pamela Jenningsp. 108Dental Hygiene
Dang, Manh Conp. 153M. D.
Davis, Catherine Congerp. 100Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Davis, Lisa Ann p. 53 Dental Hygiene
Davis, Patti Lynn p. 23 Dental Hygiene
Deem, Marcia Kayp. 135Dental Hygiene
DeJarnatte, Ralph Francis, Jr.p. 102M. D.
DeJong, Ronald D.p. 196Chiropractic
de la Houssaye, Lionel L., Jr.p. 102Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Dennis, David Arnoldp. 141Dentistry
Dixon, Timothy Kevin p. 47 M. D.
Dollar, Audrey Suep. 177Dental Hygiene
Drake, Sherry Lynn p. 17 Dental Hygiene
Dugger, Rose Conley p. 64 Dental Hygiene
Dunkel, John Davidp. 94M. D.
Elledge, Emmett Scott p. 48 M. D.
Ellis, Michaelp. 125Chiropractic
Ezell, Gail Robinson p. 43 Dentistry
Fairclough, Kevin John p. 9 Dentistry
Farquhar-Richardson, Katherine A.p. 116Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Field, Susan Lamarsh p. 11 M. D.
Fitch, Samantha Jeanp. 80Dental Hygiene
Fotovich, Mary Theresa p. 35 Dental Hygiene
Frederick, Martha Marks p. 44 Dental Hygiene
French, Michelle Blump. 160Dental Hygiene
Gadde, Sailajap. 197Dental Hygiene
Gahr, Patricia O'Connerp. 135Dental Hygiene
Gaillard, Henry Morelp. 198M. D.,
Gaines, Eddie George, Jr.p. 98M. D.
Gardner, James Stevenp. 120Dentistry
Gardner, Lori C. p. 63 Dental Hygiene
Gardner, Stacey Stricklandp. 123Dentistry
Garlington, James Conway p. 58 M. D.
Gill, Sonja Diane p. 27 Dentistry
Glass, Sandra Ann p. 50 Dental Hygiene
Glover, J. Kim p. 28 Dental Hygiene
Gonsewski, Mark Leonard p. 67 Dentistry
Gratson, Michael W., Jr. p. 57 Chiropractic
Gray, Nancy Killenp. 191Dental Hygiene
Green, David Andrewp. 87M. D.
Griffin, William Joseph, Jr.p. 193Dentistry
Griffith, Sharon Gartp. 163Dental Hygiene
Griggs, Terry W. p. 56 Chiropractic
Grimes, Ormond Ralph, Jr. p. 25 Dentistry
Gross, J. Donald p. 27 Dentistry
Guffey, Dena Darlenep. 161Dental Hygiene
Hafner, Robert A. p. 32 Dental Hygiene
Hale, Carter Joep. 139M. D.
Hale, Cynthia J.p. 136Dental Hygiene
Haley, Tamara Butler p. 66 Dental Hygiene
Halker, Barbara Dollp. 123Dental Hygiene
Hall, Karen Elizabethp. 97Dental Hygiene
Hall, Teresa Denisep. 113Dental Hygiene
Hammer, Sharon H.p. 95Dental Hygiene
Hardin, Sandra Lea p. 33 Dental Hygiene
Harrigan, Caswell Codner p. 59 M. D.
Harrison, John Cardwellp. 103M. D.
Harrison, Kimberly Jop. 166Dental Hygiene
Harvell, Charles Randall p. 7 Dentistry
Hash, Robert Lee, III p. 69 M. D.
Hatcher, James Edwinp. 93Dentistry
Haygood, Mark Lesterp. 140M. D.
Helton, Lynda Marlene p. 29 Dental Hygiene
Hicks, Joseph Piercep. 155M. D.
Hill, Kimberly Jeanettep. 76Dental Hygiene
Hillis, Brenda J.p. 178Dental Hygiene
Hinson, John Lairdp. 155M. D.
Hogan, Deborah Lynnp. 74M. D.
Holland, Thomas Lee p. 73 Dentistry
Holmes, James Popep. 120M. D.
Honea, Marla Lynnp. 105Dental Hygiene
Honeycutt, Terri Kayp. 122Dental Hygiene
Hoover, Christopher Dennis p. 71 Chiropractic
Hopkins, Sharon Ann p. 41 Dental Hygiene
Howell, Rebecca Heintschelp. 173Dentistry
Hudson, Gary Wayne p. 38 Dentistry
Hudson, Gary Wayne p. 39 M. D.
Hulsey, Eric D.p. 118Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Hulsey, Mary Crump. 80Dental Hygiene
Hux, Bryan D.p. 193Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Ishee, Amy Kristinp. 142Dental Hygiene
Ivie, Kara Linettep. 189Dental Hygiene
Jacobson, Howard L.p. 157Dental Hygiene
Jacovides, Dino Cyprian p. 49 Dentistry
Jeffrey, Barbara Elizabethp. 86Chiropractic
Jensen, Eric L.p. 171Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Jetton, Jennifer R.p. 171Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Johns, Michael K.p. 199Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Johnson, Kelly Whatley p. 32 Dental Hygiene
Johnson, Suzanne Reneep. 109Dental Hygiene
Johnston, Freda Carol p. 34 Dental Hygiene
Jones, C. Alanp. 84Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Jones, Lee Randall p. 42 Dentistry
Jones, Linda Kayp. 134Dental Hygiene
Julian, Nooshin F.p. 125Dentistry
Kalachman, Marvin Stevenp. 151Physician's Assistant
Kalte, Sherry Lynnp. 76Dental Hygiene
Katz, Daniel A. p. 26 Dentistry
Keel, Debbie K.p. 185Dental Hygiene
Keel, Marsha Annp. 108Dental Hygiene
Kendrick, Laura Suep. 90Dental Hygiene
Kennedy, Patricia Annp. 91Dental Hygiene
Kidd, Yvonne Brittonp. 96Dental Hygiene
King, Denis Gerard p. 26 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
King, Myra Collins p. 25 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Kirkendall, Brenda Jonesp. 111Dental Hygiene
Kopitnik, Nancy Lee p. 47 Osteopathy
Krawchuk, Myron E.p. 180Chiropractic
Lackey, Todd Lytlep. 194Dentistry
Lambert, Buford Lewayne p. 6 M. D.
Lambert, Carolyn H.p. 74Dental Hygiene
Lampley, Angela L.p. 110Dental Hygiene
Landers, Connie Annettep. 122Dental Hygiene
Langley, Timothy E.p. 183Chiropractic
Langston, Jacky Rayp. 148Chiropractic
Langston, Lois A. p. 14 Dental Hygiene
Lansdell, Gregory Keithp. 179Dentistry
Lawrence, Linda D.p. 105Dental Hygiene
Lee, Anna Marie Migliore p. 45 Dentistry
Lehman, Margret Louise p. 29 Dental Hygiene
Letson, Kim Patrick p. 38 Dental Hygiene
Lewis, James Michael p. 35 Dentistry
Lewis, Judith E.p. 127Chiropractic
Light, James Randell p. 36 M. D.
Lockhart, Amanda K.p. 168Chiropractic
Lott, Wendy A.p. 79Dental Hygiene
Loyd, Paula Jean p. 60 Dental Hygiene
Lucas, Angela Stephaniep. 132Dental Hygiene
Luther, Dan Michaelp. 97Dentistry
Luther, Paul Franklin p. 39 Dentistry
Maddox, Kyle Blakep. 112Chiropractic
Maddox, Scarlet Tuckerp. 136Dental Hygiene
Magee, Brian K. p. 68 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Mahathey, Ellen Elizabethp. 176Dental Hygiene
Malone, Victoria Reneep. 101Dental Hygiene
Mance, Crystal Lynnp. 145Dental Hygiene
Marek, Virginia Lynnp. 93Dentistry
Marlow, Robert Brucep. 117M. D.
Marshall, William Garyp. 117Chiropractic
Martin, Jeffrey Leep. 164Dentistry
Maruska, Joan R.p. 85Chiropractic
Mayer, Richard Carlisle p. 7 Dentistry
McCann, David Allenp. 195Chiropractic
McCarrell, Vanessa D. p. 55 Dental Hygiene
McCarthy, Barbara J.p. 94Dental Hygiene
McCluskey, Janice Martin p. 3 Dental Hygiene
McDade, Audrey P.p. 195Veterinary Med. & Surgery
McFall, Karen E.p. 139Dental Hygiene
McGuire, James P. D.p. 149M. D.
McLeod, Laura A.p. 162Dentistry
McMahan, Rhonda Moore p. 5 Dental Hygiene
McMillan, Michael Harold p. 1 Dentistry
Medley, Rhonda G.p. 146Dental Hygiene
Miller, Celia Ruth p. 51 Dental Hygiene
Miller, John Melville, Jr. p. 72 Osteopathy
Mims, Shelton Mark p. 24 Dentistry
Mitchell, Susan June Troxell p. 61 Dental Hygiene
Moessner, Harold Fred p. 46 M. D.
Montelongo, Janice E.p. 103Dental Hygiene
Moody, Barry J. p. 40 Dentistry
Moore, Joan Winfrey p. 37 Dental Hygiene
Morris, Jeffrey S.p. 131Dentistry
Morris, Sherry Lynnp. 166Dental Hygiene
Morton, Craig C. p. 4 Dentistry
Murphy, Susanp. 121Dental Hygiene
Murray, Tanya Thompsonp. 144Dental Hygiene
Nacilla, Johnny Quep. 179M. D.
Namie, Patrick S.p. 85Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Nashed, Medhat Nagip. 199Dentistry
Nemiroff, Paul Michael p. 59 M. D.
Northcutt, Lisa Mendesp. 81Dental Hygiene
Norman, Patricia Kay Mariep. 175Dental Hygiene
Nuwayhid, Ramsay Paul p. 67 Dentistry
Oliver, Stephen Vincentp. 96Dentistry
Omensky, John E.p. 119Chiropractic
Orcutt, Martha Baggettp. 83Dental Hygiene
Osborne, Elizabeth M.p. 129Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Ostrowski, Jon Alanp. 83M. D.
Owens, Karen Denisep. 99Dental Hygiene
Parker, Benita L.p. 107Dental Hygiene
Parrish, Sheela Krishnasamip. 92Dentistry
Pate, Robert Eugene p. 13 Dentistry
Patrick, Corinne Thomas p. 37 Dental Hygiene
Patterson, Larry D.p. 141Chiropractic
Patton, Rupert E. p. 69 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Patton, Stephen Ross p. 48 M. D.
Peak, Brenda Joycep. 140Osteopathy
Pearsall, Teresa Annep. 190Dental Hygiene
Perkins, Jeanne Lynnep. 133Dental Hygiene
Perry, Dilcie Diwanap. 113Dental Hygiene
Petrey, Winfred Darrellp. 170Chiropractic
Phillips, Shelly Greenep. 192Dental Hygiene
Plavnik, Alla K.p. 142Dental Hygiene
Pollard, Paula S.p. 181Dental Hygiene
Prado, Cindi M. p. 33 Dental Hygiene
Primm, Teresa Annp. 78Dental Hygiene
Pugh, Michael Stewartp. 143Dentistry
Pullen, Mark Edwardp. 91Dentistry
Putman, Barbara Thompsonp. 149Dental Hygiene
Raines, Lindseyp. 170Chiropractic
Ralph, Mark Alanp. 175Dentistry
Rastegard, Kayep. 101Chiropractic
Rathel, Denford Keithp. 107M. D.
Rebman, Barbie Jo p. 64 Dental Hygiene
Redmond-Hyder, Debbie Wyvettep. 138Osteopathy
Reeves-Garr, Robin Leighp. 158Dental Hygiene
Rehfeld, Rose Listonp. 75Dentistry
Reynolds, Drew D. p. 13 Dentistry
Rice, Kellye Nerren p. 46 Dentistry
Rice, Shawn C.p. 148Chiropractic
Richards, Jacqueline J.p. 182Chiropractic
Richardson, Davidp. 115Chiropractic
Richardson, Richard Patrickp. 127M. D.
Riedberger, Marcia Reneep. 95Dental Hygiene
Robertson, Teresa L.p. 106Dental Hygiene
Robinson, Jonathan T.p. 196Chiropractic
Robison, Karen Danielsen p. 36 Dental Hygiene
Roney, Lorip. 92Dental Hygiene
Sabio, Maria Cristina Abantaop. 167M. D.
Sabio, Norman Abbotp. 152M. D.
Saint, Angela Reneep. 89Dentistry
Sanders, Frank Bartlettp. 116Chiropractic
Sanderson, Janet Kay p. 53 Dental Hygiene
Sanderson, Mary Beth p. 2 Dental Hygiene
Sargeant, Timothy E.p. 182Chiropractic
Scheer, Janice McGehee p. 65 Dental Hygiene
Schmidle, Lisa Annp. 100Dental Hygiene
Schmidt, Robin Huntp. 79Dental Hygiene
Schrimsher, Amy F.p. 87Dental Hygiene
Schwartz, Michael Arthur p. 8 M. D.
Scruggs, Daniel W. p. 8 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Segrest, Alan Lee p. 6 Dentistry
Senn, Kimberly Cottrell p. 12 Dental Hygiene
Sessions, Sherrie S.p. 174Dental Hygiene
Sexton, Glenn Fowler p. 16 Veterinary Med. & Surgery
Shah, Smita S.p. 154M. D.
Shambeau, Kevin McGowinp. 157Dentistry
Sharpe, Terrye Virginia p. 45 Dental Hygiene
Sheehan, Joanne Lannonep. 147Dental Hygiene
Shelman, Patricia Donnap. 185Dental Hygiene
Shelton, Carolyn Hannah p. 55 Dental Hygiene
Shelton, Judy Davisp. 177Dental Hygiene
Shelton, Whitney Owen p. 56 Dentistry
Shepard, Sally Ann p. 18 Dental Hygiene
Shorr, James H.p. 131Dentistry
Shory, Carl Brian p. 24 M. D.
Simpson, Stephen Ericp. 114Dentistry
Smith, Donna M.p. 146Dental Hygiene
Smith, Louise Mariep. 75Dental Hygiene
Smith, R. Steven p. 51 Dentistry
Smith, Sherri Michelle p. 63 Dental Hygiene
Smith, Thomas Brianp. 128M. D.
Snell, Patricia Annp. 165Dental Hygiene
Sonnier, Stephanie L.p. 130Dental Hygiene
Sparks, Vickip. 159Dental Hygiene
Springer, Rita Coates p. 17 Dental Hygiene
Stancel, Greg W.p. 129Chiropractic
Stapp, Glenn E. p. 20 Chiropractic
Staudt, Donna Hogan p. 11 Dental Hygiene
Stevens, Rebecca Annp. 159Dental Hygiene
Stewart, Phillip Prestonp. 98Chiropractic
Stilwell, Karen Leep. 90Dental Hygiene
Stirling, Sheila Annep. 147Dental Hygiene
Stovall, Irisse D. p. 23 Dentistry
p. 88Dentistry
Strickland, Joseph Scottp. 164Dentistry
Strickland, Kenneth B. p. 72 Chiropractic
Stump, Celia Janep. 78Dentistry
Summers, Curt P.p. 128Chiropractic
Swanner, Kristy Leannep. 145Dental Hygiene
Swimeler, Penny Leep. 132Dental Hygiene
Taylor, Jan Lauriep. 133Dental Hygiene
Teitge, Sandra Lynnp. 81Dental Hygiene
Terry, Debbie Williams p. 15 Dental Hygiene
Thames, Syteriaa McCroryp. 114Dental Hygiene
Thomas, Melinda Loweryp. 194Dental Hygiene
Thompson, Glenda C. p. 31 Dental Hygiene
Thompson, Mark Henryp. 115Chiropractic
Tillery, Manuela B.p. 186Dental Hygiene
Tolbert, Lee Anne p. 52 Dental Hygiene
Tomasino, Domineck Josephp. 152Chiropractic
Toney, Anthony p. 19 Dentistry
Trammell, Mary Gaylep. 110Dental Hygiene
Tucker, E. Lee p. 40 Dentistry
Turner, Amy Smithp. 200Dental Hygiene
Vail, Angela L. p. 58 Chiropractic
Vail, Benners B., IV p. 57 Chiropractic
Varner, Margaret A. p. 30 Dental Hygiene
Vess, Christy Bowlingp. 180Dental Hygiene
Vest, Victoria Liley p. 1 Dentistry
Vevon, Peter Anthonyp. 153M. D.
Vinson, Helen Elfriedap. 118Dental Hygiene
Voigt, Virginia L.p. 119Dental Hygiene
Wakefield, Victor Reed, Jr.p. 197Chiropractic
Walls, Allan Christopherp. 130M. D.
Wandel, Angela Michelep. 189Dental Hygiene
Warren-Byers, Shana Renee'p. 187Dentistry
Webb, Theresa Annatte p. 54 Dental Hygiene
Weeks, Karla Janeanep. 156Dental Hygiene
Weir, Theresa Renegarp. 144Dental Hygiene
Weld, Tammy McDonaldp. 156Dental Hygiene
Werthmuller, Jay Nicholasp. 172Chiropractic
Westmeyer, Karen Alinep. 178Dental Hygiene
White, Elbert Asa, III p. 22 M. D.
Wilkins, Thomas Leep. 150M. D.
Williams, Rita W.p. 126Dental Hygiene
Willis, Albert Edward p. 10 Dentistry
Winters, John Robert p. 21 Dentistry
Winton, Tammy Mazep. 143Dental Hygiene
Woods, Lee Livingston p. 54 Dental Hygiene
Wooten, Kimberly Renaep. 181Dentistry
Worthley, Charlotte Garnerp. 188Dental Hygiene
Wrenn, Christine M.p. 188Dental Hygiene
Wright, Angela Lynp. 190Dentistry
Yates, Michael Douglasp. 89M. D.
Yates, Terri Darlene p. 31 Dental Hygiene
Young, Deborah Faye p. 9 Dental Hygiene
Young, Lisa Michelle p. 30 Dental Hygiene
Zbell, Tonya Renae Tamplinp. 183M. D.
Zeedar, Jyosna Venkubaip. 192Dental Hygiene
Zweig, James W. p. 72 Podiatry