2017 Bid Recommendations

 Description  Bid Number  Bid Price  Bid Award  Award Date
 For Window Caulking for the Madison County Courthouse.  2017-01  Rejected  Re-bid TBA  Rejected
 For Inmate Uniforms for the Madison County Detention Facility.  2017-02 Various  Bob Barker Services  02-08-17
 For one or more 2011 or newer Chevrolet Silverado Brush Truck(s) for Big Cove.  2017-03  $59,000.00  West Peculiar Fire Protection.  01-25-17
 For Landscaping services for various Madison County Depts.  2017-04 $18,415.50  Pro Turf Landscape Management  02-08-17
 For miscellaneous water materials for the Madison County Water Department.  2017-05

Category A: $258,866.06

Category B: $14,203.82

Category C: 319,934.07

 HD Supply Waterworks:

Category A & C

Consolidated Pipe & Supply:

Category B

 For cigarette stamps for the Madison County Purchasing Department.  2017-06  $2.35 per 1000  Meyercord Revenue Inc.  02-08-17
 For one or more Bucket Truck(s) for Madison County District Four Office.  2017-07  $42,000.00  Utility Equipment Services, Inc.  03-08-17
 For one or more 2017 Honda CR-V or equal for Madison County District Three Office.  2017-08  $25,964.19  Jerry Damson Honda  03-08-17
 For Operation, Management, and Marketing of a permanent shop at the Madison County Farmers Market.  P-2017-03

 Monthly: $700.00

Annually: $8,400.00

 Monks Market  03-08-17
 For furnishing paint for various Madison County departments.  2017-09  Various  Sherwin Williams  03-22-17
 For Bottle Free Coolers for the Madison County Detention Facility.  2017-10  Monthly: $385.00  Culligan Water Conditioning, Inc.  03-22-17
 For exterior cleaning of selected Madison County Water Storage Tanks.  2017-11  Tabled  Tabled  03-22-17
 For liquid aluminum sulfate, sodium hypochlorite, and fluoride acid in bulk.  2017-12  Tabled  Tabled  03-22-17