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FOR WIC Families not receiving benefits, Madsion County Health Department, Max Luther Drive, Huntsville, Friday

Date : 24 August 2012
Category : General

Event Description :
Attention: Moderate income families with children from birth up to five years of age and pregnant women.

The guidelines below are based on WIC applicants' annual gross income before taxes are withheld.
Family of 1 $20,665 (can be foster child, does not include foster parent’s income)
Family of 2 $27,991 (pregnant counts as two)
Family of 3 $35,317
Family of 4 $42,643
Family of 5 $49,969

For those presently NOT receiving WIC benefits—
Come to the Madison County Health Department
301 Max Luther
Friday, August 24 or August 31
No appointment necessary
Child must be present for this appointment
You need to bring the following:
Proof of Identification (driver’s license or picture ID (for adults) , birth certificate or Medicaid card (for infant or children)

Proof of Residence - document which shows your street address such as lease, utility bill, junk mail, however the residency requirement may be waived for the homeless or those living in temporary shelter

· Proof of Income ( pay stubs, Medicaid card/letter, SNAP letter, TANF letter) Click here for family income limits.

WIC is a nutrition related program for “women, infants, and children”. WIC provides certain foods from each of the five major food groups. Covered under this program are pregnant and breast-feeding women, infants and children from birth up to the 5 years of age.

Questions please call
256-533-8716 or 888-942-4673
LaTeasa Hicks-Pauley, MSW, LBSW
Alabama Department of Public Health
Madison County Health Department/WIC

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