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THIS Saturday from 11am-1pm at the Farmers Market on Cook Avenue-CATFISH Sampling

Date : 18 August 2012
Category : General

Event Description :
This Saturday, August 18
11am to 1pm
Alabama Catfish Sampling at the Madison County Farmerís Market
Cook Avenue, just off North Parkway behind Krispy Kreme

Want to sample Alabama grown, healthy catfish at the Farmers Market?
Then be at the Madison County Farmers Market, THIS Saturday from eleven to one.

While youíre tasting, learn why itís important to buy Alabama catfish and hear how the drought and Asian imports are impacting the Alabama catfish industry.

Madison County Commissioner Roger Jones will fry catfish nuggets, in celebration of Alabama Catfish Month.
Come sample the bite-sized catfish nuggets donated by Alabamaís premier catfish producer, Harvest Select.
Thatís THIS Saturday from eleven until one - ALL FREE. Bring your family to sample the tasty, catfish morsels,
at the Madison County Farmers Market on Cook Avenue, just off North Parkway behind Krispy Kreme.

What does the Catfish Industry mean to Alabamaís economy?
This from Alabama Catfish Producers Association

Catfish production has an economic impact of more than $223 million on the State of Alabama each year.
Alabama ranks 2nd nationally in terms of catfish sales.
Catfish ranks 5th in sales receipts among all commodities in Alabama.

200 commercial catfish farms with a total production area of 22,000 Alabama acres produce more than 130 million pounds. of catfish per year
Alabamaís catfish industry is centered in Alabamaís Black Belt and is one of the few remaining viable enterprises in this economically depressed area.

Catfish farm receipts totaled $107 million in 2010.
More than 2 million pounds of catfish are processed each week in Alabama.
When you combine production and processing the catfish industry pumps $500 Million Dollars annually into our state, and that does not include feed sales, service providers, etc.
Alabama Catfish Producers
A Division of Alabama Farmers Federation
(334) 613-4757

Contact: Roger Jones
Madison County District One Commissioner
Telephone: 256-828-0726

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