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Madison County Drug Court Graduation Madison County Courthouse, 2nd Floor, Courtroom 1, This Monday - 9am

Date : 13 August 2012
Category : General

Event Description :
Madison County Drug Court Graduation
Madison County Courthouse, 2nd Floor, Courtroom 1
13 August 2012
This Monday – 9am

Contact: Hon. M. Lynn Sherrod
District Court Judge
Madison County Courthouse
100 North Side Square
Huntsville, AL. 35801

The Madison County Drug Court will celebrate the graduation of 31 program participants this coming Monday, August 13 at 9am in Courtroom #1 on the second floor of the Madison County Courthouse. “Drug Court: Where Accountability Meets Compassion” is our theme. Dr. Lawrence, Robey, Madison County Health Officer will be the speaker.

“These criminal offenders would be in jail or prison if they were not in drug court. This class of prospective grads represents years of saved, costly prison incarceration. It cost $2800 per year to put someone through drug court and $38,000 for a year in jail. This class represents a savings of half a million dollars.” according to Judge Lynn Sherrod who developed drug court in 2003.

Drug Court has become an integral and proven approach to the drug and alcohol problem of our community. Drug Court focuses on addressing the needs of individual participants, and uses the multi disciplinary approach. The Madison County Treatment Courts include three (3) drug courts: Family Drug Court for parents of children identified as at risk for neglect or abuse; Juvenile Drug Court for participants ages 12 to 18 years; and the Adult Drug Court for felony offenders. Judge Sherrod has presided over every session of the Adult Drug Court which has also been designated as a Mentor Court.

Cocaine is the drug of choice among our adult population, and marijuana among our juveniles.

Meth is the most debilitating of our drugs, and its popularity is rapidly increasing. Drug court is also seeing more prescription drug abuse among older adults.

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