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Corn Festival at Farmers Market, Satutrday morning 8am to 10am

Date : 14 July 2012
Category : Farmers Market

Event Description :
Corn Festival

14 July 2012
Saturday – 8am to 10am
Madison County Farmers Market
1022 Cook Avenue

Contact: Andre Dye
Madison County Farmers Market
Telephone: 256-532-1661

You’re invited to the Corn Festival this Saturday from eight to ten in the morning.

Bring your family to see this year’s tasty, fresh, home-grown vegetables and corn boil - ALL FREE.

Come meet and chat with your local farmers at the Farmers Market on Cook Avenue, just off North Parkway behind Krispy Kreme.

That’s Saturday, July 14 from eight until ten.

The Corn Festival at Madison County Farmers Market — where fresh is fresh!

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