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Annual Tax Sale for failure to pay property tax- begins 10am-4pm or until all properties sold

Date : 3 May 2012
Category : General

Event Description :
Record Number of Madison County Property Owners Fail to Pay Property Taxes
Time Running Out to Pay or Property Sold at Auction

Contact: Lynda Hall
Madison County Tax Collector
Telephone: 256-532-3370

Time is running out for Madison County property owners who have not yet paid their 2011 property taxes.
As of this Monday, April 9 taxes are still due on 1,423 real property parcels (In contrast, same time last year, 1195 properties). Those taxes were considered delinquent after non-payment on January 1 of this year.

Madison County Tax Collector Lynda Hall says “We are advertising these properties April 3, April 10 and April 17 in The Huntsville Times. Advertising costs added to the base tax, fee’s and penalties are a huge additional expense. The sooner delinquent taxpayers can get their certified payments to the Tax Collector, the better to save them more costs”.

The Madison County Tax Collector’s office at this point will ONLY accept certified funds such as a cashiers check, money order, cash or credit card. The Credit card company charges a 2.4% fee.

The very last day for payment to prevent property from being sold on the north steps of the Madison County Courthouse at the Annual Tax Sale is 5pm, May 2nd. The tax sales begins at 10am May 3 until 4pm or all properties are sold. Tax sale information is available on the county website under the Tax Collector Department. Tax Sale List - This list will be reduced as property taxes are paid prior to the deadline of 5pm on May 2nd.

“Madison County works very hard to be sure all citizens are aware of these dates, says Hall. Madison County has one of the lowest sale and insolvency rates in Alabama. Citizens need to call the office at 256-532-3370 or email for payment information”.

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