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Madison County Property Owners Check your Property Assessment -Deadline for Protest with Board of Equalization

Date : 23 May 2012
Category : General

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Madison County Property Owners Look for Property Assessment in your mailbox
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Contact: Fran Hamilton
Madison County Tax Assessor
Telephone: 256-532-3343

Madison County property owners should look for a very important tax notice in your mailbox.

Tax Assessor Fran Hamilton says some 7,000 notices will be mailed April 20. (In contrast during the height of annual reappraisals in 2005, some 145,000 notices were mailed.) For those people, companies or corporations who own multiple properties, you may receive numerous notices, one for each parcel. Because of the economic times, some property assessments will actually be less, only a few higher in assessed value. Most remain the same with NO notice being mailed.

This notification is NOT a tax bill. So how do you calculate what you will owe in taxes or how much will your mortgage company need to hold in escrow for the annual property tax bill which must be paid by December 31?

Tax Assessor Hamilton suggests, “Please bring the notice either to the Tax Assessor’s office here at the Courthouse or satellite office, and obtain your assessment sheet. Then take that new assessment sheet to the tax collector to obtain an estimate of your 2012 taxes. This will help families plan ahead.”
Locations of offices: Tax Assessor’s Office - Madison County Courthouse, first floor (M-F from 8:30am to 4pm) or Madison County Satellite Offices at Parkway Place, 2801 S. Memorial Parkway #100 or Flint Crossing - Meridianville/Highway 231/431. Those offices are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

What if you dispute the fair assessed value placed on your property?
“All the more reason to check now, says Hamilton. Property owners have until May 23, 2012 to file a written protest before the Board of Equalization. But if you have questions regarding ANY assessment please call 256-532-3736 and discuss with an appraiser. Or walk in the Madison County Courthouse, 5th floor and speak personally with an appraiser. If the value is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you can then make a written request before the Board of Equalization. They meet for hearings Monday-Thursday from 9am until 4pm.”

This MUST be in writing and sent to Madison County Board Of Equalization, 100 Northside Square, Huntsville Alabama 35801. You must include a daytime telephone number, the Parcel Number(s) of the property and a reason for your protest. A hearing will be scheduled. This is important because the actual tax bill (how much money you must pay) will not be mailed until October 1 of this year. And the time for protest will have long passed. Please check now!

As required by law, a legal notice will appear The Huntsville Times April 16 and 23 informing property owners of the 30 day deadline to file an appeal with the Board of Equalization.

Again, Tax Assessor Fran Hamilton warns, “Tax collection looks backward and collects for the previous year, our tax assessment looks forward to the next year. Please review your notice, now.”

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