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Commission Meeting Agenda - 10am, 7th Floor, Madison County Courthouse

Date : 10 August 2012
Category : Commission Meeting

Event Description :
Commission Agenda
Commission Board Room, 7th Floor Madison County Courthouse
10 August 2012
Friday 10 am

1. Continuation of Discussion regarding Health Insurance (Chairman Gillespie)

2. Discussion of Mid-year Raises for Potential Action (Commissioner Dyer)

3. Authorize Chairman to Execute Memorandum of Agreement with Alabama Office of Courts (County Attorney)

4. Authorize Chairman to Execute Contract with G. W. Jones regarding Winchester Road Bridge Project (Engineering/County Attorney)

5. Authorize Chairman to Execute Change Order for Water Main Installation on Charity Lane (Water Department/County Attorney)

6. Authorize Chairman to Execute Contract Change Order with APAC Midsouth regarding Nance Road at Capshaw Road Intersection Improvements (Engineering/County Attorney)

7. Acceptance of Right-of-Way Deeds from Fred J. and Betty Sue Nance Gokee; James Edward and Brenda Pruitt Gokee; Jonathan G. and Laura K. Gokee; and Stephen Ray and Robin Moore Smith to accomplish the Gokee Road Extension (Engineering/County Attorney)

8. Board Appointment: Madison County Emergency Planning Committee (Chairman Gillespie)

9. Budget Adjustments (County Administrator)

10. Raise Requests

BID RECOMMENDATIONS: Ratify, table, cancel or reject:
2012-77 Installation of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) at the Madison County Courthouse
2012-80 Produce items for the Neaves-Davis Center for Children
2012-81 Various food items for the Neaves-Davis Center for Children
2012-84 Comprehensive/interactive voter information and education internet portal

Public Comments: If you wish to speak before the Commission, please stand and state your name and address for the record.

The next scheduled meeting of the Madison County Commission will be Monday, September 17 at ten in the morning.

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