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Commission Meeting Agenda - 10am, 7th Floor, Madison County Courthouse

Date : 29 June 2012
Category : Commission Meeting

Event Description :
Commission Agenda
Commission Board Room, 7th Floor Madison County Courthouse
29 June 2012
Friday – 10 am

1. Authorize Chairman to Execute Agreement with The Liberty Learning Foundation (Chairman Gillespie/County Attorney)

2. Authorize Chairman to Execute Agreement with The National Children’s Advocacy Center (Chairman Gillespie/County Attorney)

3. Resolution regarding Solid Waste Landfill Moratorium (Commissioner Jones/County Attorney)

4. Discussion of obtaining new radios for remaining Madison County Volunteer Fire Departments (Fire Marshal/Commissioner Jones)

5. Accept Right-of-Way Deeds from William J. Burfitt, Sr. and Lena R. Burfitt; Gennie Holman and Walter L. Holman; Max K. Whitlow and Donna J. Whitlow; and Jeannie M. Galloway regarding Mt. Zion/Nance Road Intersection Improvements (County Attorney)

6. Authorize Chairman to Execute Change Order with Holliday Construction (County Attorney)

7. Resolution regarding Excess Tax Sale Funds Policy (County Attorney)

8. Authorize Chairman to Execute Agreement with Delta Corporation Systems, Inc. for Computer Software Support for Probate Judge (Probate Judge/County Attorney)

9. Authorize Chairman to Execute Agreement with City of Huntsville for Terrorism Response Preparation Funding (Sheriff/County Attorney)

10. Authorize Chairman to Execute Agreement with the City of Huntsville regarding 2012 Municipal Elections (County Attorney)


The Ridge Phase Six Sector One (Final) / Greystone Development, Inc. (Mary E. Holman) / District 4
Lakeshore Meadows Phase 2 (Final) / Breland Homes LLC (Louis Breland) / District 1

12. Budget Adjustments

13. Consideration and Requested Approval of May Expenditures (County Administrator)

14. Raise Requests

15. Recommendation from Northwest Huntsville Senior Center Advisory Committee- Veronica Curtis

16. Citizen Comment: Harold Jennings re Huntsville Housing Authority possible purchase of property in Madison County Mooresmill area

17. Announcements:
Free Madison County App now available. Citizens can simply go to the Madison County website at and a link is provided to download the App or go directly to Apple’s iTunes Store

Semi-Annual Vacation for District One, Three and Four begins July 2 – July 6. Staff will return to work Monday, July 9. All emergency contacts for offices can be found at or by calling the offices for recorded messages.

Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday weekend July 6-8, begins at midnight next Friday and runs through midnight Sunday

Farmers Market July Events –
Corn Festival Saturday, July 14, 8 to 10am
Tomato Festival Saturday, July 28, 8 to 10am

‘Education Celebration’ – Saturday, August 25, 9am to 12pm at Grissom High School (Commissioner Phil Riddick)

BID RECOMMENDATIONS: Ratify, table, cancel or reject:
2012-54 Improvements at the intersection of Nance Road and Mt. Zion Road
2012-58 Standard and Pneumatic Fitness Equipment for the District 6 Senior Center
2012-59 Two (2) Generac, Liquid Cooled Standby Generators or equivalent for the Killingsworth Cove Volunteer Fire Department
2012-62 Extraction Equipment for the Bobo Volunteer Fire Department
2012-63 Lease of one (1) commercial operation at the Madison County Farmers Market located at 1022 Cook Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama
2012-64 Lubricants, as a one time purchase
2012-65 One or more Heavy Duty Bulk Trash Trailer(s) for District Three East

Public Comments: If you wish to speak before the Commission, please stand and state your name and address for the record.

The next scheduled meeting of the Madison County Commission will be Friday, July 27 at ten in the morning.

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