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Commission Meeting Agenda - 10am, 7th Floor, Madison County Courthouse

Date : 15 June 2012
Category : Commission Meeting

Event Description :
Commission Agenda
Commission Board Room, 7th Floor Madison County Courthouse
15 June 2012
Friday 10 am

1. Presentation by Speed Kastorff
2. Authorize Chairman to execute Agreement with GEO Solutions, LLC (County Attorney)
3. Approve Application for Funding through the Initiative to Integrate Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Focused Practice in Child Welfare Service Delivery and to Administer the Same (County Attorney)
4. Authorize Chairman to sign Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge Grant (County Attorney/ Planning)
5. Authorize Chairman to execute Agreement regarding Transfer of Water Service to Harvest Monrovia Water, Sewer and Fire Protection Authority (County Attorney)
6. SUBDIVISION: Shoal Creek, Phase Two A, a Re-subdivision of Tract A of Shoal Creek (preliminary) / Larry Covington & Co., Inc. (Larry Covington) / (District One)
45 mph on Grimwood Road from Hwy. 231, N. to Pulaski Pike (entire length) (District 1)
45 mph on Charity Lane from Hwy. 231, N. to Pulaski Pike (entire length) (District 1)
25 mph on Webster Road from Maysville Road to a dead end (entire length) (District 3E)
35 mph on Roy Davis Road from Joe Quick Road to Boles Road (entire length) (District 1)
8. Budget Adjustments

BID RECOMMENDATIONS: Ratify, table, cancel or reject:
2012-50 Various pre-made signs for the Madison County Engineering Department
2012-51 Liquid gas chlorine and hydrofluosilicic acid (23%) for the Water Department
2012-52 Water Main Installation on Grace Lane
2012-53 Precast concrete vaults for the Water Department
2012-54 Improvements at the intersection of Nance Road and Mt. Zion Road
2012-55 One or more Reflective Pavement Marker(s) and one or more pounds of Bituminous Marker Adhesive for District Four
2012-56 Coupon booklets for Madison County Sales Tax Department
2012-57 Gasoline and diesel fuel for various Madison County locations
2012-59 Two (2) Generac, Liquid Cooled Standby Generators or equivalent for the Killingsworth Cove Volunteer Fire Department
2012-60 Concrete repairs to sidewalks, driveways and curbs as needed
2012-61 Milk for the Neaves-Davis Center for Children

Public Comments: If you wish to speak before the Commission, please stand and state your name and address for the record.

The next scheduled meeting of the Madison County Commission will be Friday, June 29 at ten in the morning.

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