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The Madison County License Department operates from the Madison County Courthouse with several satellite offices to better serve the public. All locations provide: automobile, hunting, and fishing licenses; auto tag transfers; new resident vehicle registration and titles; boat registration. Business licenses are offered only at the Courthouse.

New satellite office location open at Star Market on Bailey Cove/Weatherly Road with Drivers License, Tags/Titles, Disability Tags & Placards, Fishing, Hunting, Manufactured Homes and Boat License capabilities. The satellite location in Madison is now open in the Madison Taxpayer Service Building at 100 Plaza Blvd in Madison with Drivers License Renewals/Replacements, Tags/Titles, Disability Tags & Placards, Fishing, Hunting, Manufactured Homes and Boat License capabilities.

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Effective January 1, 2013, the State of Alabama enacted two laws pertaining to registrations, Acts 32-7A-5 and 37-7A-17. The laws are requiring that Title and Drivers License names match in order to renew registrations. If the owners names are different, we cannot register the vehicle. Also, if one of the owners is deceased, their name must be removed from the title before we can register the vehicle. We will need the original title mailed to us, so we can make the necessary changes.

Mandatory Proof of Insurance
Effective January 1, 2013, Alabama law, Act 2011-688 mandates a vehicle owner will not be allowed to register his or her vehicle or renew a registration unless the insurance status of the vehicle can be verified using OIVS Online Insurance Verification System or unless the vehicle owner can provide proof of insurance to the license plate issuing official at the time of registration or registration renewal. Proof of insurance documents include the vehicle owner's insurance card, current declaration page of the owner's liability insurance policy, or other such documents substantiating liability insurance coverage. Electronic versions of proof documents may also be accepted by county license plate issuing officials in completing vehicle registration transactions. Emails sent by the owner's insurer, computer printouts from an owner's insurer, electronic images provided by an owner's insurer on the vehicle owner's cellular phone, lap top, or other portable electronic device meet the evidence of insurance requirements, according to the Alabama Department of Revenue (Reference: Administrative Rule 810-5-8-.05, Evidence of Insurance Requirements, effective June 8, 2012.)

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