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Dale W. Strong
Commission Chairman
Madison County at large

I want to begin by saying thanks to the people of Madison County for allowing me to serve as your chairman. We together have proven that a new energetic idea in local government can make a difference! Although we have only begun, I hope I have stood strong by my motto "People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do!" I would also like to thank the other members of the Commission for their sincere willingness to work as a team and make compromise for the betterment of all Madison County. The best is yet to come! Joshua 1:9.

Greetings from Madison County

Welcome to Madison County's web site. I hope that we are providing information that you will find useful and that will also save you time in finding out all you would like to know about Madison County. If you need additional information, be sure to contact us.

This is our home and we take pride in sharing with you what we find to be a wonderful way of life. Madison County has developed from a farming community to a high-tech center that reflects the foresight, planning and hard work of people who want to shape the future yet preserve our rich heritage.

Settled in the early 1800's, Madison County became the first English-speaking community in what would become the State of Alabama in 1819. The first constitutional convention, bank, public library, railroad and church were all formed in Huntsville.

Madison County changed from a frontier land, to prosperous cotton fields, to a thriving textile center. Our evolution continued during World War II. Our textile workers spun millions of yards of canvas to clothe and shelter our troops. Workers also manufactured munitions at what was later to become Redstone Arsenal. After the war, under the leadership of Dr. Wernher Von Braun, we designed rockets that took our nation into space and to the moon.

We continue to be a leading technological center of high tech research and manufacturing in such fields as computing equipment, telecommunications, space vehicles, defense weapons and rocket propulsion. More than twenty Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in Madison County. Also in Huntsville are: Marshall Space Flight Center and associated with Redstone Arsenal are: AMCOM (Aviation and Missile Command) Headquarters; PEO Aviation (manufactures helicopters for the U.S. Army); PEO, Air and Missile Defense (missiles), more than 20 collated Department of Defense activities; plus SMDC (Space and Missile Defense Command)

None of our growth happened by chance, but is the result of the vision and action of people who strive to maintain and improve the quality of our life in this cosmopolitan community. We welcome you. If I or members of the Commission staff can be of assistance, please contact us at 256-532-3492.


Dale W. Strong was elected Commission Chairman of Madison County in November 2012. Mr. Strong is not new to the Madison County community or politics. Dale was born at Medical Center Hospital in Huntsville, Alabama and has lived in western Madison County all his life. His wife, the former Laura Toney of Madison, has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Auburn University. She is also a graduate from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a Bachelor of Science in Hospital Administration and from Alabama A & M University with a Masters in Education. Commissioner Strong and his wife have one daughter, Whitney Louise Strong and one son, Harrison Dale Strong. Commissioner Strong is the son of Horace N. Strong, III and the late Judy Vaughn Strong. He has one sister, Kelly Strong Brewer, a graduate of University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, one brother, Horace Nunley Strong, IV, graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, two nieces, and two nephews.

Dale graduated from Sparkman High School in May 1988. In 1992, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Athens State College. He also attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the University of Alabama in Birmingham, where he received a license as an Emergency Medical Technician. Dale was the youngest elected commissioner in the State of Alabama when he began his four terms as Madison County District Four Commissioner.

Dale is a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Before Dale set his sights on being commissioner of Madison County, he worked for First Alabama Bank in Public Relations, and Solvay Pharmaceutical, as a Sales Representative. He has also served as a 911 Dispatcher and worked with Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc. and Huntsville Med-Flight. Dale has maintained his interest and support in helping people in our community by serving as the county liaison to the 911 Dispatch Center and Emergency Planning. He also continues to serve as an active member for the Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department.

Mr. Strong's gift for helping people was reflected in the Medal of Valor which he was presented for his endless dedication in helping victims during the November 15, 1989 tornado on Airport Road in Huntsville.

As your Madison County Commission Chairman, Mr. Strong's priorities are and will continue to be public safety, accountability, and equality.

Civic And Government Activities

Member, Leadership 2000 Class 11
University of Alabama - Birmingham Medical School Advisory Board
Athens State University School of Business Board
County Liaison, 911 Dispatch Center
County Liaison, Emergency Planning
Lifetime Member, Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department
Charter Member, Monrovia Parks and Recreation
Capital Committee Member, Madison YMCA

Chairman Dale W. Strong
County Commission Office, 256-532-3795
Fax 256-532-6994
Courthouse 700, 100 Northside Sq.,
Huntsville, AL 35801

Melissa Tyson, Administrative Assistant 256-532-3795
Commission Staff
County Administrator Kevin Jones 256-532-3502
County Attorney Jeff Rich 256-532-3492
Chief Financial Officer Carol Long 256-532-3568
Payroll Supervisor Sandra Hauser 256-532-3501
Accounts Payable  256-532-3493